1970s Carlton Corsa – SOLD

19 Jul

A beautiful 1970s Carlton Corsa for sale. £200

10 speed Shimano group set with nice drilled chain rings

Fancy lug work and classic steel construction (Tru-well)

Medium frame

Chromed forks, pedals and wheels provide a touch of class

Totally original hand made British classic from the Carlton frame builders in Worksop
Ready to ride!
Some Carlton history:
Carlton Cycles were formed in 1898 in the village of Carlton-in-Lindrick in Nottinghamshire UK by Fred Hanstock. For a while the company concentrated mainly on car and motor-cycle repairs which were more profitable. In 1934 the company moved to nearby Worksop and gradually started to manufacture more cycles. In 1936 they were producing a range of machines including: ‘The Flyer’; ‘Massed Start’; ‘Massed Start Special’; ‘Super Python’; ‘Continental’ and ‘Silver Clubman’ which they started to sell through a network of dealers around the UK. In 1939 the company was taken over by the O’Donovan family just before the outbreak of WWII. Sales would have dropped at this time but Carlton Cycles were able to work at servicing existing cycles and no doubt had to diversify into war-work, as did all the other cycle builders in the UK. When the war finished in 1945 there was a great boom in the sale of lightweight machines as thousands of military personel returned to ‘civvie street’ and eagerly took up the sport again – this trend carried on into the early 50s. In 1958 Gerald O’Donovan left the RAF and joined the company where he became an influential figure but by then the boom was receding and in 1960 the company was taken over by Raleigh Cycles – the largest mass-produced manufacturer of cycles in the UK, who wanted to be able to offer high quality hand-made machines to their more discerning customers. Soon after this they transferred the manufacture of their Sun Cycles to the Worksop site. In 1974 Gerald O’Donovan set up the Specialist Bicycle Development Unit for Raleigh at Ilkeston, Derbyshire. From 1967 onwards there were several racing teams sponsored under various names by both Carlton and Raleigh and Gerald O’Donovan was at the forefront of the design and manufacture of the cycles they used. The last Carlton Cycles were produced at Worksop in 1981 when the factory finally closed its doors.

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